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Surviving and Thriving after Divorce

Divorce is truly life changing. It can be for the best, or it can be for the worst. Regardless, divorce comes with emotional pain and often leaves scars on the hearts of those going through it. 

A couple could divorce for any number of reasons, and with each reason comes a unique way to recover from the ordeal. If you’re going through a divorce, keep reading as the following list consists of top reasons for divorce and how to recover from each. 


Being unfaithful to one’s partner is often grounds for separation or divorce. For the person who has fallen victim to an unfaithful spouse, the divorce can be especially hard as there are usually unresolved feelings of confusion and anger. To deal with a divorce that is the result of infidelity, victims are encouraged to seek counselling. A professional counsellor can help ease the unpleasant feelings and provide a safe environment in which your feelings can be talked about. 


Upon entering the adult world, finances become part of everyone’s life. When you marry, this doesn’t go away. In fact, after marriage, finances can become even more of a problem than they were before as married couples may have joint bank accounts or have both of their names on a house. If a marriage starts to suffer due to financial problems and the problems aren’t resolved, divorce can become a reality. When it does, the divorced couple is encouraged to seek professional help from their bank, credit agency, or a financial counsellor. 


When a couple gets married, it’s safe to assume that they are compatible. However, this isn’t always the case as marriage can bring out undesirable habits and traits that each person might have. For example, if a man marries a woman and later on she wants children but is told by her husband that he does not, the couple is incompatible in that way and has a problem on their hands. If there are too many incompatibilities that can’t be resolved, divorce might be an option. If it becomes the reality, the newly single couple should spend time focusing on themselves as individuals and figure out what their relationship and marriage deal breakers are. 


Children are a blessing, but when children from previous marriages and relationships are added into the marriage, there can be tension within the household. This is because the child’s new step parent is expected to love their spouse’s child as if he or she was their own. The step parent is considered to be a bad person if he or she does not love the child right off the bat. In reality, though, many step parents don’t form the ideal relationship with their step child and are scrutinized for it. This can lead to divorce quickly, and if it does, both parties are urged to try to understand the other person’s point of view to get rid of hostility. 

Regardless of why a divorce happened, it’s never easy to deal with. Sometimes the stress can be too much, and when this happens, divorcees should consider taking some time away from their reality and going to a retreat or wellness center like St Michaels Retreat. We have hosted many families, including those who come to us through referral from a family lawyer. This investment of time in your own well-being and recovery will yield many rewards.

Retreats help to put things in perspective, relieve tension, and refocus on the future and one's purpose in this world. What better way to move on after a divorce?

Lilly Haswell